Turkstra Trim & Mouldings - Doors and Trims at the Turkstra Design Centre in Stoney Creek.
Turkstra Trim & Mouldings at the Turkstra Design Centre in Stoney Creek.


Turkstra Mill specializes in custom mouldings for private clients, contractors and industry customers as well as interior designers and professional renovators.

Interior and exterior trim and mouldings are one of the easiest and most cost effective ways of transforming your space and adding significant impact to any décor. Just as the right shoes can make or break an otherwise carefully co-ordinated ensemble, so too can trim and mouldings be the perfect finishing touch to your design/décor vision. Whether you’re renovating, decorating, staging for re-sale or planning a new home or addition, trim and moulding styles and applications are limited only by your imagination.

We manufacture a complete line of high quality wood mouldings specializing in Poplar, Oak, Maple and other species at our facility in Smithville. We offer a wide range of profiles from the Turkstra Mill. Our Contractors Trim Handbook and Wood Moulding Guide featuring our most popular profiles are available to view or download below.

Visit our Trim & Doors section at the Turkstra Design Centre here at our Stoney Creek location.
Turkstra Lumber - Doors and Trims at the Design Centre here at our Stoney Creek location.

Partner With Us

As a Mill, we specialize in custom wood mouldings and components. Our experienced staff can custom design or match profiles using our in-house knife cutting equipment and high precision moulders. We also maintain a comprehensive inventory of industry standard profiles, as shown in the catalogues below. Whether it’s working with architects, designers, builders or direct trades, we are pleased to provide solutions for any type of trim application.

Our Areas of Expertise Include:

  • Standard and specialty profiles for custom homes
  • Institutional products for commercial jobs of all forms
  • Components for cabinet makers and window manufacturers
  • Matching historic profiles
  • Designing custom profiles

Our Mill is fully integrated with our Trim and Door Division allowing us to provide you with a full range of products:

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Click below for our full trim and moulding handbook or Architectural Wood Mouldings:

Contractors Trim Handbook - Download Trim Handbook at the Design Centre powered by Turkstra Lumber.