Find ideas and inspiration through our exterior doors gallery. Here you will find photos of various exterior doors in numerous applications. These include many product lines and custom products by DEL, Mastergrain, and Frank. You can see our showroom applications by simply arranging a visit to the Turkstra Design Centre through our ‘Contact‘ section. We are happy to help with all of your building and design needs.

Different exterior doors offer a variety of benefits, catering to individual preferences and specific requirements. Firstly, solid wood doors exude timeless elegance and natural beauty, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of a home while providing excellent insulation and durability. Fiberglass doors, on the other hand, offer versatility, as they can mimic the look of wood or other materials while being highly resistant to dents, warping, and moisture. They are also energy-efficient and require minimal maintenance. Finally, steel doors are renowned for their exceptional security features, offering robust protection against break-ins and harsh weather conditions. In addition, they are low-maintenance, durable, and provide excellent insulation.

Ultimately, the benefits of different exterior doors encompass aesthetics, insulation, durability, security, energy efficiency, low maintenance, and the integration of indoor and outdoor spaces, enabling homeowners to choose the ideal option based on their unique needs and preferences. At the Turkstra Design Centre, our experts can help you weigh the pros and cons of different doors and assist in choosing a product that fits your aesthetic and budget.